*Dimmable* LED Driver 18W 350mA Constant Current

*Dimmable* LED Driver 18W 350mA Constant Current
Item# LED-18W-350-120D
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Product Description


- Dimmable: dims 3-12* LEDS from full brightness to 0.1% light output with appropriate dimmers
- Dimensions: 7.09" x 1.73" x 1.18"
- Constant DC Current output: over a range of 1000X
- EMI: FCC Consumer Class
- Output wire: red & black, insulated 18 AWG 300V 200C UL 1332
- Input wires: black & white

- Operate with most common dimmers in the market both forward phase control leading edge dimming and reverse phase control trailing edge dimming

- MAX load 12 LEDs, MIN load 3 LED
- Output short circuit protection
- Active power factor control
- Compact, lightweight
- Patent pending
- Complies with UL 1310 class 2 requirements
- Insulated 18 AWG 300V 200C UL1332