Halogen & Xenon Light Bulbs

We offer a wide selection of Xenon Light Bulbs and Halogen Light Bulbs. Looking for LED Light Bulbs? Those are also available under LEDS section on the right. G4, G8, GY6.35, GU9, MR11, MR16, and GU10 type bulbs are available at very competitive prices. The first thing to remember when ordering the right halogen, xenon, or LED Light Bulb is the type of base required for your fixture, lamp, or cable system. Once you have that information, then you will need to see what the is the wattage and voltage needed for the system. If your system carries more than one light bulb, remember to add the wattages of each halogen, xenon, or LED bulb to get the total. Usually, systems run on 12V low voltage but we also carry light bulbs in 24V, 28V, 120V and 220Volts. If you wish to use our LED light bulbs, available in MR11, MR16, GU10, PAR16, and PAR30 bases, remember that they require an LED Driver or LED Power Supply. One cannot use a regular halogen transformer to operate LED bulbs. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our sales team by calling 561-237-5688 and they will assist you with your purchase.